Batsh*t crazy is: Deadline Madness!

There’s nothing like a deadline looming to kick a creative being into gear. For weeks, I’ll procrastinate productively. I’ll get cupboards organized and paddleboards polished, but I won’t do what I’m supposed to do, like get ready for Art in the Park.  This is Kamloops’ biggest event with 20,000 + people showing up at the park for music, food, creative vendors and wild fireworks when the sun goes down.

This year Books in the Belfry will be there! We’re getting ourselves out there, sharing our published works, talking about writing with anyone who will listen and offering some creative antics for those who stop by.

It’s almost too easy, compared to my days of pottery shows and sales. The books are written, published, and copies are boxed ready to go.  It’s not like I’m glazing and firing kilns til the wee hours every night for weeks.  I just have to pack up the boxes… but wait!  Janet, you need to finish your website if it’s on your bookmarks! Janet, iron the table covers! Janet, make those bookmarks! Janet, design your Novel Minds logo! Janet, plan cool activities for passerbys!  Janet, did Mel get the float? Janet, hang on… weren’t you going to submit your children’s story to a contest by tomorrow?  And so it goes. Up late. Deadlines. Madness.


Yet, have you ever noticed how well this works? This is when my creative mind is at its best. As a coach for the creatively inclined, I get it. I know tight deadlines stop us from second guessing, keeps us from exploring a billion creative options until we are too tired to make a decision, forces us to let go of perfectionism, and somehow gives us more insight, inspiration and clarity that we just didn’t have until the final push.  I call it creatadrenalin.  Stronger, faster, clearer, focussed.  Sh*t gets done. Like a blog post that seems like the right thing to do to let people know we’re going to be at Art in the Park, come hell or high water. (That’s way more fitting than you might know, given flooding waters near the park!)

And we will be there with our books… which we did not wait until the last week to write and publish. Here’s why: Writers need support, it takes a long time to finish a book, it’s requires consistent dedication and it might never get done if we were hoping tight deadlines would be the key to finishing it.

The only thing that’s for sure at our Books in the Belfry get togethers is that we drink coffee or tea. I wonder… is that what inspires us so? ~snicker~ ‘Teapartying’ by JLW

So our group supports each other, we meet more or less regularly, we have coffee or tea, we talk like we are writers, then we go home and do our best to live up to that.

Thank goodness. It’d be hell trying to finish a novel and print it by Saturday!


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