Psst.. a secret from Janet Whitehead

Here’s a secret but don’t tell the others I’ve told you: We are the most laid back writing group ever. Sometimes we all show up to our meetings (especially during Nanowrimo). Sometimes we get a text saying, “Hey, where is everybody?” Sometimes we share great resources, or announce, like we’ve won the olympics, that we got in 10 minutes of writing that week. (Huzzah!)   Sometimes… no, wait.. always, we drink coffee. Or Tea. Chat about our lives. Throw in a little writing activity, almost guiltily, when we realize we hardly even talked writing.

YET, here we are – many of us are published.

How did that happen??? We break all the rules of what a writing group ought to be. That’s how. No pressure. No whining if someone doesn’t show up, or if we aren’t doing things the right way for a writing group. No judgments. No outrageous expectations. And with all that pressure not in our way, we go home and often get to our writing and feel supported.

Mostly, though, we drink our coffee and feel good about knowing that surely we must be writers if we are all hanging together. So we live up to that.

Janet L Whitehead, author and stuff
Beyond All Imaginings

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